Interview with Michael Dörfling – a mining engineer traveling the world as part of the Lundin Mining graduate program.


Michael Dörfling, 24, is a Mining Engineering Graduate and part of Lundin Mining´s graduate program. All of us at Zinkgruvan are very happy to have him with us. But how does Michael feel about being here?

– My impression of Swedish people is that you all are very active! For example, lots of people at Zinkgruvan ride their bikes to work. It almost borders on insanity (lol).  Another great thing, of course, is that almost everyone speaks English. This location is great as well. Last weekend, I took a road trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. It´s a great city with plenty to do. Another thing I have really picked up during my time here in Sweden is golf. I bought a membership card, so I have been golfing like crazy to make sure I get my monies worth! (Regardless of how many balls end up in the lake.)

What really attracted me to apply was the traveling. I don´t know any other company that offers such an opportunity for international traveling. I happened on this opportunity when I saw a posting about it at my university in Sudbury, Canada. I first spent two weeks at the head office in Toronto to get my papers in order, and then I was on my way here to Zinkgruvan. Here, I work with long-term mine planning and I am gaining a lot of useful skills and experiences. I have been very well received by my co-workers and they have really helped me navigate through the Swedish culture.

I am staying here in Zinkgruvan until March. After that, I am going to another one of the Lundin Mining operations, and I am excited to see where I will end up. I don´t know exactly where yet! Besides Sweden, Lundin Mining has operations in the US, Chile, Portugal and in Brazil, so I am looking forward to visiting those places as well. The idea behind the program is to let us try different tasks and develop our skills at the various operations. I will probably be traveling between different sites for two or three years and then see where I am needed more long term.